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  1. Feature Request :-)
  2. REQ: Objective-C syntax highlighting
  3. Windows Explorer menu: BC4 instead of BC3?
  4. Fedora 17 dependencies?
  5. Diff'ing is much slower in BC4 than BC3
  6. Syntax-aware alignment will be in bc4?
  7. Error while uninstalling
  8. Tools>Import Settings did not bring in folders (Windows)
  9. vert scroll bar BC3 setting not imported
  10. Possible to purchase 4.0 upgrade?
  11. Toolbar much less flexible
  12. Explorer context menu won't update from BC3. Windows version, 17440
  13. No tabs?
  14. Anyway to keep posted on new beta versions?
  15. While saving text-compare changes: often error message
  16. New folder compares do not always shop up in history.
  17. Issues with toolbar
  18. Picture comparison still not working
  19. How to go to "home page" from the menu or a keyboard shortcut?
  20. Search on Home Page
  21. Ability to Add New Home & Other New Session Types from Tab
  22. "Restore Factory Defaults..." deletes open containing folder
  23. UI Incoherence?
  24. New ICON for BC4?
  25. Copy/Updating to left status display in BC4
  26. Unable to save blank FTP password
  27. Is UTF8 broken?
  28. Holiday Discount
  29. Folder Compare Report could use some improvements
  30. wish list: F7 and "Bytes per line" in "Hex Compare"
  31. "Existing item not found."
  32. Password not retained
  33. A issue with ftp
  34. ticks missing in bc4
  35. Image Compare and screen space
  36. Installation error: INI_sorted.vbs
  37. "Unimportant Text" enhancements
  38. Prompt for import of FTP profiles repeats if you don't import any
  39. Changing case sensitivity for in profiles.
  40. BC4 filters
  41. Featre Requests: Run as Admin and Explorer Cut/Copy/Paste
  42. Feature requests
  43. Long hang sometimes when opening a new tab.
  44. Feature Request: Autoname tasks
  45. FTP profile import bug ( minor )
  46. BC4 binaries: DEP and ASLR?
  47. difference beween "Always Show Folders" and "Compare Files and Folder Structure"?
  48. Feature Request: One->Many
  49. Feature Request
  50. First View
  51. More Information & Control over Tasks
  52. Synchronize Preview
  53. Workspace Identification
  54. Feature request: Highlight selected text
  55. McAfee Web Gateway false positive for BC4 beta build 17451
  56. Comparison takes forever
  57. Issue With Windows Explorer Context Menu Options
  58. Picture Compare Tolerance Value Lags Slider
  59. Folder Merge in Explorer Context Menus
  60. File merge alignment; content added around deletion
  61. Open With only opens first file
  62. XML/HTML comparison
  63. Missing file extension setups.
  64. STILL not copying creation times and not setting folder mod time
  65. Feature request: xdocdiff integration
  66. Features request (based on v4.0.0.17451)
  67. Error Importing Sessions via XML
  68. Profiles: Button for "Test connection"
  69. If I buy Pro 3 now, can I have a free upgrade to v4?
  70. Feature request: sync database
  71. BC4 Pro [New] 3-way folder merge
  72. No ftp?
  73. Session save after sync?
  74. Update filter with same name
  75. Difference block copy
  76. REQ: Folder Sync/Compare - Tweak to allow files to be listed before folders
  77. Folder Sync bug when changing Sync type to Update Left
  78. Folder sync bug when selected View is "Show Differences but No Orphans"
  79. update from 3
  80. Refresh
  81. rename <default> profile to indicate the global settings are in there
  82. "Compare Contents" fails to work? - Version 4.0 beta (build 17451), Windows
  83. Breaking change for file formats that use external helpers
  84. How to "creating and editing .7z files" within BC4?
  85. Embedded panel of "Find Dialogue" - Screen Real Estate ?
  86. Can't open *.iso and *.rpm via 7-zip's DLL
  87. dot files
  88. Sessions Drop-Down Listing Question
  89. Folder Sync - Split ToolBar ?
  90. "Public key agent authorization failed."
  91. Truncated text in Browse Using Profile dialog
  92. Customizing toolbars individually
  93. Make new version availability more obvious
  94. ignore one difference in compare files
  95. eset and problems
  96. Compare long lines
  97. Disk full-Cancel All
  98. Office file comparison
  99. set default format to utf8
  100. many open files suggestion
  101. FTP Settings Refinements
  102. turn off automatic scanning
  103. Run multiple sessions at once
  104. Toolbar Filtres it's ok
  105. bad mood: when will the toolbar be fixed?
  106. Congrats and a profile naming request
  107. Difference between session and workspace.
  108. BC4 Windows - important unimportant differences coloring
  109. binary transfer
  110. MSI Package for Beyond Compare
  111. Feature Request: Open patch file via explorer integration
  112. Feature Request: compressed file helper
  113. File clones
  114. I want to buy 4.0 beta. (linux + Mac)
  115. TIF invalid format
  116. Bug or feature?
  117. Mark as resolved
  118. BC4 Support period
  119. One Drive Support
  120. settings for compare contents
  121. Entire word comparison in BC4
  122. "Align with" hotkey
  123. Text Compare Report
  124. skip differences less than certain thresholds
  125. Timestamps, Picture Compare problem, Toolbar
  126. Copy Right Failed
  127. Licence renewal using beta.
  128. BC4 minor issue - license says "Beyond Compare 3"
  129. Copy to right button
  130. Empty Folder via Command Line
  131. Corrupt Zip File
  132. [Feature Requests] on folder comparison report
  133. Cannot load TIFF images
  134. Ignore file type?
  135. View Patch from file association?
  136. "Text replacements" with regular expressions?
  137. Picture Compare -- Adopt diff modes from The Compressonator
  138. Wishlist: parse .gitingore files
  139. Picture comparison paste/screenshot
  140. WebDAV Scan
  141. keywords missing in sql?
  142. Filter on subdirectory under path
  143. Open SQL file
  144. Well that was short lived test
  145. simple question from technical layman
  146. colors important vs unimportant in overview gutter to the left to close
  147. Confused about buying BC3 vs BC4
  148. Amazon S3
  149. Feature Requests for v4 and bugs fixes
  150. Don't display 'Nothing to sync!' initially
  151. Feature request: Secure Delete files/folders
  152. Feature request: SCP and RSYNC support
  153. Too much vertical space used by UI in Sync session
  154. 17905 Getting BC to respect Windows desktop theme
  155. 17905 MTP is missing from Help Contents, Index and Search
  156. Documentation
  157. Can not connect via SFTP since last update
  158. Hex Compare: very minor bug in editing the search word
  159. Graphical decoration
  160. sftp symbolic links - how to follow ?
  161. Go file format?
  162. SFTP: Pageant key not in cache. BC prompts multiple times
  163. SFTP profile: How to specify starting/initial folder ?
  164. Context Help (ie. ? in title bar) hasn't been setup correctly everywhere
  165. Show actual username used for SFTP connection in log
  166. When renaming a profile automatically update sessions that use it
  167. Need longer line limits for XML Files
  168. How to use folder merge
  169. Seriously no Easter discount?
  170. rename profiles
  171. Compare ISO doesn't read ISO properly
  172. "Version Information Malformed"
  173. compare to ftp
  174. View Patch parse error
  175. How do I change the email used for a license?
  176. Feature Request: Recursive attributes (permissions)
  177. compare PC to Unix
  178. Tweaks: Name Filter Presets
  179. Compare files on different drives and in different named folders?
  180. Folder Merge - How to process 100's of files in one step?
  181. V4 Feature Request: Minor tweak to Version Compare
  182. REQ: Recompare using... drop-down toolbar button for all view types
  183. Possible bug: Pixel Details in image compare showing wrong location
  184. Possible UI bug: Folder Merge
  185. Other Possible UI bug: Folder Merge
  186. BC4 Suggestion: Add 'Ignore daylight..' and 'Ignore timezone..' to Tools->Options
  187. Feature Request: Favorites
  188. Sync folders
  189. Auto-Compare Contents
  190. User Guide or Training Tutorial, v 2.4
  191. Version 4 Release Date
  192. Feature request: Open Containing Folders
  193. FTP does not allow starting directory to be set
  194. SFTP w/ SSH Key
  195. Adding next difference toolbar to 3 way merge
  196. Suppress Filter only suppress File Filter?
  197. Merging individual files in a 3-way folder comparison
  198. Feature Request: more details by Sync Now button on folder sync.
  199. 100% reproducible crash on startup
  200. 'Open as New' for multiple selected sessions
  201. Windows MTP / PTP device support
  202. Support for xz archives? (Found in recent debian archives)
  203. Beta 4 build 17905 - evaluation period has ended
  204. Replace Command
  205. Bcomp.com and Bcomp.exe date and version?
  206. Back to Good Mood!
  207. thanks for improving picture copmpare
  208. wish-list: "Open With" -> "Folder View" also for files
  209. WebDAV Folder Names in UPPERCASE
  210. Horizontal Scrollbar behavior on 4.0 18291
  211. Wishlist: Create files in folder compare.
  212. ftp profiles: listing does not override default?
  213. Copy file does not retain modified timestamp
  214. chosing selected filter per session
  215. Something is up with alignment of SQL with insignificant differences
  216. Session Search and Session Management Panel
  217. Directory Opus BC Toolbar Integration
  218. XML Differences Output
  219. Bug: comparing large file content over network often fails
  220. Wish-list: highlight same text
  221. What is the syntax for "smb://"?
  222. "Preview" checkbox does nothing
  223. Feature request: More visible active tab
  224. Wish-list: manual BOM control
  225. Feature Request: Search in export settings dialog
  226. Bug: Compare Gedcom file
  227. Search on specified side in text compare?
  228. BC4 Portable unpredictably crashes without a word
  229. Ignore Unimportant Differences Undesirable Behavior
  230. How about a 4th of July sale like last year?
  231. Progress on folder merge
  232. Failures in MTP sync
  233. Feature request: Home > Sessions> Right Click > Copy as link to session
  234. Missing horiz scrollbar in text compare window
  235. Feature request: Home page should show description for currently selected session
  236. Official Release Date coming soon?
  237. Feature suggestion: Image diff segments
  238. Wish-list: show more information in the comparison result
  239. Video comparison
  240. Feature request: Filter on folder names
  241. WebDAV doesn't read T-Online directory?
  242. BC ruined my live-system!
  243. Bug: side horizontal scrollbar some times missing
  244. Other Filter
  245. Annoying bug in 4.0 text editing
  246. Folder compare ignoring EOL style differences
  247. Problem when closing BC
  248. Save As Behavior
  249. Minor timing issue
  250. Patch Viewer: Full File Display Mode