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  1. First Thoughts on BC4 Mac
  2. "Opinion questions" answers
  3. Command line mode?
  4. Installation
  5. Non-Standard folder selector
  6. Crash with open SFTP session and network change
  7. Versions (SVN tool) does not list BC as a compare tool
  8. Default colors on file diffs
  9. Folder Compare via FTP
  10. Build 15843 released
  11. Crash report
  12. Check for updates, never loads
  13. Setup for SourceTree By Atlassian
  14. bc with git
  15. Picture Compare Dialog
  16. buttons cut off on homescreen
  17. bc full screen app
  18. Crash report - comparing files
  19. Autocomplete for file name (left/right) sides
  20. View side/side under/over switch
  21. View Menu checkmarks
  22. Feature Request: User Interface-Tear off tabs
  23. Announcements
  24. Panels should resize to larger window size
  25. "Install CLI Tools"
  26. Feedback post initial use
  27. multi-monitor button help floaters appear on laptop
  28. Installer not Retina display compatible
  29. Hotkeys for Next-Diff/Prev-Diff
  30. Filename display in file diff
  31. Request: Status / Progress Indicator
  32. Crash report
  33. Getting "unable to create file "/private/tmbc..."
  34. 4 Weeks of use
  35. <filename>.orig
  36. Stream Read Error
  37. "Affect visible files" (plus crash report)
  38. Bug: "View->Toolbar" not checked on startup, even though the Toolbar is visible.
  39. Customize commands on the Toolbar?
  40. auto-mount remote volumes?
  41. had to "force quit" BC
  42. "New Session" should open in a new tab
  43. Can't copy symbolic link if file of same name exists
  44. Dvorak and Keyboard Shortcuts
  45. File Formats keyboard navigation
  46. "Compare" button enters toolbar disabled
  47. Find Pasteboard
  48. Anyone have luck setting up with git?
  49. BC4 crashed while scanning folders
  50. Character ? in file size
  51. Session rename crash
  52. context menu items disabled when switching applications
  53. Use BC4 from another program
  54. Merging for Mercurial error -9866
  55. File Format Support - JavaScript
  56. Bug - Can't rename new file format
  57. Using BC4 OSX with Version Control Systems
  58. Double-Click + Drag Support in Text Editor
  59. "Save changes to...?" dialog box is configured incorrectly
  60. bcomp returns immediately when passed directories
  61. "Set as base folders" Crash/hang
  62. Invocation as a service does not always work
  63. Grammar settings dialog truncated?
  64. Toolbar button order can get messed up
  65. "Preview" in file picker dialog renders app unusable
  66. "Open File" dialog shows no files on first launch
  67. Distribution via DMG or ZIP
  68. Crash Report After Configuring FTP Profile
  69. Calling BC4 from Cornerstone SVN
  70. "Next Difference Fi" text truncated
  71. Finder context menu automatically opens BC
  72. Integrating with Mercurial
  73. SourceTree configuration
  74. Using BComp instead of Beyond Compare.app for VCS and OSX Command Line Utilities
  75. 00 in first merge group after reload on 3-way merge
  76. Description text box, select all not working
  77. Scan slower than BC3
  78. Save as in sessions dialog - left/right folder paths get cleared out
  79. Launching Compares from Path Finder
  80. Evaluation / Enter Key glitches
  81. Non-standard preferences shortcut
  82. Copying folders with foreign characters
  83. FTP File Listing is Incorrect
  84. xz archive format support
  85. Evaluation / Enter Key
  86. Objective-C source definition
  87. BC4 Frozen
  88. Extending Trial Period
  89. Removable drives
  90. Modal "Reload" panel causes inconsistent UI behavior
  91. Reproducible crash while browsing sessions
  92. crash report - comparing images
  93. After switching apps cmd-a does not work
  94. Esc key in search dialog
  95. Crash Report: loading files from /tmp
  96. Sideways scrolling doesn't work
  97. Sluggish/non-responsive when copying files
  98. request: "authenticated" mode
  99. Comparing large CSV files yields incomplete file load
  100. Dragging folders to path fields may spawn File Compare
  101. Message in prefs for tab settings is wrong
  102. Triple clicking does not select a whole line
  103. "Ctrl-N" key binding for "Next Difference Section" doesn't work correctly
  104. Crash Report: opening new Text Compare after closing Text Merge
  105. Invalid charset detection
  106. Sides not matching?
  107. nasty bug re: "Just Selected"
  108. Copy Line to Left deactivated (grayed out)
  109. Wrong dates in folder compare
  110. cant add sync cmds to toolbar
  111. ftp timeout may cause crash on ftp file save
  112. My Workflow
  113. folders names with characters with tilde
  114. "Permission Denied" when trying to launch BC4 as external diff tool in IntelliJ IDEA
  115. FTP site issues report
  116. Hotkey help message for Refresh
  117. Focus bug(?) in find dialog box and the "enter" key
  118. File Compare Report ... Save As - forgets location
  119. "Compare Files" from Finder
  120. FTP Profiles - Authentication pane missing
  121. No scroll bar in Data Comparison columns modal
  122. "Windows" key bindings
  123. Crash dump
  124. To answer you opinion questions
  125. Right click context menus in session page have extra lines.
  126. Crash dump #2
  127. Comparing log files
  128. Unable to rename new file type.
  129. A clone file type option would be nice.
  130. Re-arrange Toolbar?
  131. Feature request: Exit on last window close
  132. Comments on First Use Experience
  133. Feature Request: New File
  134. "Compare Contents" dialog very slow, perhaps locked up
  135. Folder change during remote file listing cues password prompt
  136. Help Search busted
  137. Filters are not applied immediately
  138. PSD files are not loading
  139. PNG 16bit/channel not loading
  140. Drag and Drop Session Tree
  141. Nothing works on first launch; OK on second
  142. DMG as archive?
  143. Search KB from Home screen crashes app.
  144. Licence for BC4
  145. b16335 observations
  146. Minor UI issue in "home" window
  147. Feature Requests (maybe a new sub forum?)
  148. Feature Request: Sticky selection
  149. Feature Request: Mac mode of enabling rename
  150. Feature request: External drives listed
  151. Feature request: List files mixed with directories
  152. Faeture request: Select all (filtered) files on one pane
  153. Feature request: Zoom to fit on image browser
  154. Faeture Request: EXIF compare
  155. Feature request: Extra confirmation when same file is selected for deletion both side
  156. Feature request: Show all Left / Show all Right
  157. BUG: Not all files are moved when selected.
  158. FTP - folder compare : Too many open files
  159. Folder comparasion when Parallel Desktop installed
  160. Keyboard Shortcuts
  161. Crash when copying text from Hex compare
  162. Crash when moving mouse over "Big Endian Values" in context menu in hex compare
  163. Highlighted combo options not updating in Preferences dialog
  164. Feature request: Tagging of files and folders being copied/moved
  165. Feature request: Possibility to change folder view while copying or moving
  166. Initial Thoughts
  167. SFTP disconnect-reconnect freeze
  168. Synchronize "Just Selection" Bug
  169. Crash report
  170. BUG: Can not handle international characters in FTP
  171. Observations so far ...
  172. Mouse Context menu
  173. Bug: Replace All on a Side?
  174. Hide command doesn't work quite right
  175. "Browser for Folder" Dialog
  176. Default Button in Dialog
  177. Options Panel Search Highlighting
  178. Escape key on find dialog closes whole window
  179. Home Screen Layout (build 16378)
  180. Using BC4 OSC with Eclipse
  181. Cosmetic: Arrow position in new homescreen
  182. Box in rules window is missing its scrollbar
  183. Crash Report
  184. font kerning inconsistent - hard to read code
  185. ? added to right of line
  186. Crash report for Mac 4.0.16447, during Import Settings
  187. My Biggest Irritation
  188. Crash when diffing a PNG file
  189. Tower Issue
  190. Feature requests: pause during copy/move and saving selections
  191. Share sessions between Windows and Mac OS
  192. The Advanced Options section is ambiguous
  193. Issue when launching from svn
  194. Bug: FC: cancelling operations does not happen instantaneously
  195. Bug: Text is clipped in Preferences
  196. stupid question...
  197. Command Line Tools dialog suggestions
  198. RubyMine integration
  199. Folder Sync SFTP Mac/Linux Issue
  200. Bug - 'error opening folder' message is rendered strangely
  201. Connecting between two SFTP servers - one won't connect
  202. Spurious "This will cancel running file operations. Continue?" message
  203. Find dialog Escape key press closes session
  204. Partial line matches hiding characters.
  205. FTP Profile Connection has text layout issue
  206. "find" dialog: "enter" closes dialog instead of searching
  207. "find" dialog: stays on top too well
  208. New Text Merge - can't paste filename
  209. Format sheet is cut off
  210. Temporary Size Issue on Toolbar Icons
  211. update went wrong
  212. Reproducable crash reporting box
  213. BC4 crash at launch every time since today
  214. Confirmation dialog suppression
  215. Feature request: don't cause /dev/null to reload BC4
  216. Compare folders - context menu when BC is open
  217. Finder favourites
  218. Bug (not really): clear history (MRU)
  219. BUG: Using git difftool when there is a deleted jar opens an odd session
  220. Feature Request: Icon Progress Bar
  221. Feature request: bulk edit code formats
  222. Feature request: better directory diffing with git
  223. Update went smoothly
  224. Strange Behavior
  225. Issues with new find/search dialog dropdown
  226. Installation problem with the new version
  227. Session window: Open as new has strange selection
  228. Major bug: FCMove sometimes delete files when it should move
  229. crash, in a crash
  230. Additional File Formats link points to page that doesn't (yet) exist...
  231. Cosmetic: Do not display OSX hidden files
  232. Some issues
  233. First Bug/Crash
  234. Hg integration, launching with no args use case
  235. iPhoto/Aperture Library Comparison Possible?
  236. Enhancement - Scroll bars in Session Settings
  237. Button highlight
  238. FTP Folder Config Screen
  239. Enchancement Request - Closing App if Windows Closed
  240. "Select left folder for compare" in Finder broken
  241. Retina Display - Blurry Images
  242. Settings Import
  243. Trouble forcing alignment of file/folder names
  244. Error messages in terminal
  245. BC Mac command line issues
  246. Cosmetic: Folder compare view dropdown icon
  247. After first use, some possible improvements
  248. Tooltips not retina resolution
  249. "Open Folder" Default Directory
  250. "Use Selection for Find"