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  1. Trouble opening .gz files
  2. XML Compare looks great!
  3. Bug? compare 2-way new file to non-existant file
  4. Extent of change block....
  5. Batch file comments
  6. White space diffs
  7. Filtered Gaps
  8. Selection after Isolate
  9. Bug in Perl compare
  10. End-of-file hash marks
  11. Text Compare Info discrepancy
  12. Tab character not working whit Shift-Tab
  13. Copy section arrows in the center/isolate handling?
  14. Changing Unix line-endings to Windows line-endings
  15. Updating a file in a zip changes/removes permissions
  16. Next / Previous Difference arrows
  17. Memory leak found in 445
  18. Replace on the toolbar
  19. Read-only status caching
  20. Daily Annoyance
  21. Column Compare
  22. can't set some fonts
  23. Check for files changed on disk
  24. Re-align instead of Reloading Files
  25. Re-align Section
  26. Copy section/line arrows are off the displayed page
  27. Bug while searching
  28. Unexpected difference coloring
  29. How are Replacements intended to work?
  30. UI elements too big - hr scrollbars, etc
  31. "visible whitespace" state ignored by bottom comparison lines
  32. "Replace ..." only in Full Edit mode?
  33. BUG: Ruler does not start at zero for right side text
  34. Interrupted Refresh
  35. XML file comparison
  36. Result Printing
  37. Comparing identical files
  38. Indentation compare
  39. Pasting text with "Full Edit" off doesn't behave like BC2
  40. Search Direction
  41. Do you use the "Dynamic copy" tweak?
  42. Text Details
  43. Error: Success
  44. 453 CPFINV to select files
  45. 453 viewer pane divider reset
  46. How do I open a file from FTP?
  47. Ignore file difference from compare view
  48. How to make numbers match, ignoring delimiters?
  49. Ctrlr-S when one side changed
  50. Next File tries to open folder instead of file
  51. How to "Ignore Unimportant differences"
  52. Pressing the insert key with "Full Edit" off doesn't behave like BC2
  53. comparision align
  54. Patch Styles
  55. Text comparison is not like BC2
  56. Find takes two clicks per instance
  57. Re-Align after editing line breaks
  58. Show only differences, show context and undo interaction
  59. Copy Section arrow usability issue
  60. Manual Align / Replace All / CRASH
  61. Dynamic re-comparison and line deleting
  62. Word wrap in file view of text-possible?
  63. File Lock error won't go away
  64. Last line sometimes missing in text compare in build 461
  65. Registry Dump rules
  66. Text Compare Report problems
  67. Could Shift+Return do the same as Return?
  68. Please add filter
  69. Syntax hilighting doesn't work in diff blocks
  70. 462 How to specify unimportant strings?
  71. Could Home do the same as Visual Studio?
  72. File changed detection is too late
  73. 462 "Only this is important"
  74. Lines longer than 4096 chars cause error
  75. Limited replacements ?
  76. Error on second compare
  77. I need 'copy one line' function without selecting block.
  78. Size of Excel workbooks limited??
  79. Toolbar button for 'Next difference files'?
  80. Is this a bug in character change highlighting?
  81. Next/Prev edit to jump among edits
  82. Copy to Right on menu - twice
  83. What is equivalent BC3 *keyboard* command for Copy Line to Left?
  84. Display of line ending characters
  85. Yellow Edited Text in BC3
  86. can not activate the Column ruler
  87. Text Details only display right side text
  88. BOM (Byte Order Mark) ignored when comparing
  89. To use an external program to convert files into text for comparison
  90. Could "Next Difference Files" select the file on the same side?
  91. Pdf output not showing complete page after compare
  92. Hex compare line limited to 256
  93. File specific replacement rules?
  94. Edit disabled when one side fails to load
  95. Upper half of "expand filtered gap" box does nothing
  96. MRU list not updated if file not changed
  97. Leading Tabs to Spaces
  98. Multi-line find and replace using Regular Expressions
  99. IDEA: Add replacement RegEx to Find MRU list
  100. Replacements & Whitespace
  101. Convert File / Convert Selection
  102. Auto Align With...
  103. Ignore constant string
  104. Comments in PHP files
  105. Text files - Comparison rule - If line present, do not report as missing
  106. Ignore Trailing characters
  107. Manual alignment of csv file?
  108. Coarse Comparison / Line Based Delimiters
  109. Replacements
  110. 9222 How to disable message panel
  111. 9222 Find Next failure
  112. Ignore whitespace
  113. replacments: comparing empty line to something
  114. Ignore elements for current session
  115. 9222 "Decimal digit expected at position 28
  116. 9222 Selection Retention
  117. 9222 Save Workspace labelling error?
  118. 9222 Failure of side path change to stick
  119. 9222 Importance "Grammar elements" not refreshed
  120. 9222 Grammar element edit loses unimportance
  121. 9222 Conversion Sort ignores case!
  122. 9222 Edit Grammar current element
  123. 9222 Save As... v Clone...
  124. 9222 File Formats duplicate buttons
  125. 9222 Indicating source grammar
  126. 9222 Find Sides fails to reflect Swap Sides
  127. 9222 Clipboard side save fails to update window title
  128. 9222 Next Difference Section erroneously unavailable
  129. 9222 Text Compare Info and Report wish
  130. 9222 Wishes on Text Compare Report preview
  131. 9222 Suggestion: File Info Hide
  132. 9222 Wish: increased precision in Thumbnail View
  133. non-focus pane shaded -- distracting
  134. 9222 Compare <clipboard> session in new view
  135. turn off tabs
  136. Wish: Ding (only) if no more differences
  137. Bug: Beyond Compare 3 Fails to Detect DOS/OEM Code Page
  138. Beyond Compare 3 Lost File Contents
  139. trying to ignore a couple of strings
  140. 3.0.10 replacement item and tagged text
  141. Compare html and display styled
  142. Brace matching in C#
  143. Beginners question: bc3 doesn't align properly
  144. 9357 non-refresh issue
  145. text-compare
  146. First Line When Selecting Multiple Lines
  147. Highlighting Bug
  148. Line endings (Windows to Windows File Compare)
  149. XML Comparison
  150. Slow performance on large text files
  151. Select all different lines
  152. Show Context background color
  153. Can't seem to ignore columns
  154. Split view
  155. Replace All does not replace all
  156. Find/Replace Current Side
  157. XML Datetime Compare
  158. Save compared clipboard as ...
  159. Compare EDGAR to Word Format
  160. Modified file detected, but not deleted file
  161. How to ignore C/C++ reformatting - treating it as an unimportant difference?
  162. BCSessions file corrupted. Continue anyway?
  163. Line endings display
  164. What Happened to Copy Both Sides to Clipboard?
  165. Ignoring carriage-return in text compare
  166. Orphan Lines: options like those for orphan files
  167. Comparing password protected PDF files
  168. Suggestion for new commands
  169. Problem comparing javascript files with long lines
  170. problems comparing data in 3 (excluding certain words)
  171. Analysis LogFiles with Beyond Merg?!
  172. Text Compare Replacement with Regular Expressions
  173. How to compare text files on line (NOT word) level?
  174. Setup BC for File compare by default?
  175. Newline differences
  176. Replacements acting on copy text
  177. line copy as default
  178. How to ignore Line Ordering?
  179. Can Alignment be Turned Off?
  180. comparing apache webserver config files
  181. php cpmpare
  182. Scrolling "sticks" when another application gets focus
  183. No support for "track changes" or document properties with Microsoft Word documents?
  184. How to control alignment of text files
  185. comparing over HTTP
  186. Pasting in text details panel is buggy
  187. Copy to side
  188. open file from ftp's
  189. FTP File reduced to 0 byte [3.1.2 build 10221]
  190. Feature request: Highlight instances of a selected word
  191. Accessing API from .net
  192. Section expand behavior when showing differences with context
  193. first line of changed section
  194. Replacements in XML file
  195. Page Up/Down interval
  196. right-click command accelerator keys
  197. Access Denied - Grey Save Button
  198. 10221 Find dialog can leave main behind
  199. 10221 "Check for files changed on disk" failure
  200. What's the key to move between sides
  201. Comparing text as equal
  202. word wrap
  203. Filtered Lines Suggestion
  204. EOL is not showing properly (Unix vs Windows)
  205. Inplace editing causes incorrect comparisons
  206. XML comparison - question
  207. Choosing session after opening via Explorer context menu?
  208. Create file of orphan lines.
  209. Syntax highlight vs differences highlight
  210. Canceling comparision closes the files
  211. How to compare to "don't care" values
  212. Ignore file compare garmmar
  213. Beyond Compare 3.0 and XML Tidy, but save Original Format
  214. Cyan bar
  215. 10554 Help, Text Compare Commands...
  216. Ignore line that contain certain text
  217. Comparing first X lines
  218. Disable line alignment
  219. moving splitter via keyboard
  220. Auto-Select Section
  221. text compare (1 way!)
  222. OSX displayed oddly
  223. Replacing text date with mm/dd/yyyy
  224. HTML v Text Format
  225. Improved C++/PHP/C#/Java/Python and other major programming languages matching
  226. Looking for additional lines of code
  227. Line ending display broken?
  228. Moving cursor via keyboard
  229. How to ignore string with $ delimiter
  230. View - Webpages = crash...sometimes
  231. 2 issues with file comparison
  232. Html versus text files
  233. Corrupt comparison, with missing line and strange character at top...
  234. Text comparison between Ubuntu and Windows
  235. Needless margin?
  236. Obscure bug when deleting text
  237. 10721 Suggestion: Show Context
  238. How to *not* ignore comments?
  239. Help needed with command line
  240. file and directory comparisons using HTTP
  241. Ignoring MS Word Control(?) Strings
  242. Replacements not working
  243. Poor responsivity during compare
  244. How to change tab size from 8 spaces to 4
  245. Accelerator to open new tab in Text Compare?
  246. Bug: Text is trimmed
  247. Feature Request:Ignore similar differences
  248. How To Begin - Comparing .Doc Files
  249. File Comparison Problems
  250. Select Text