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  1. SFTP improvement
  2. What am I seeing here?
  3. Problem with nonstandard characters in SFTP
  4. SFTP: Problem with resolution of symlinks
  5. Timestamps
  6. SFTP: how do I connect with a key pair only?
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  8. Too many recursive listings
  9. SFTP+Unicode, and FTP passwords
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  12. passing sessions around ... is there a way
  13. Amazon S3 support
  14. No Directory Found with Mainframe (FTP/TLS)
  15. Bug in FTP
  16. FTP upload fails in BC3, works in BC2
  17. Missing "Start" and "Cancel" buttons in Attributes dialog for (S)FTP
  18. Glitch: No attributes after Rename...
  19. Timestamp is not updated
  20. UserID in File DropDown
  21. MVS FTP
  22. Missing link resolution method
  23. Recursive listings + command line ftp support?
  24. username:password@domain.com irregularity
  25. Thank you...
  26. Active vs. Passive Mode Bug
  27. ftp to AIX
  28. SFTP: Handling of recursive symlinks
  29. Treatment of special chars in filenames
  30. Cannot enter passive mode: SYN_SENT
  31. Unable to use non-standard port in 455
  32. No visible progress with SFTP issues
  33. Command Line FTP to Directories
  34. Long FTP ASCII Types chopped into two
  35. FTP and the Mainframe
  36. Change Directory on Open VMS
  37. Extremely high CPU usage during SFTP uploads
  38. Copy Left/Right not working
  39. Can not connect to accounts with @ in username
  40. Touch Local Files
  41. Binary zero injected in TEXT mode tranfer
  42. Attributes missing with ftp session
  43. Extremely Long FTP Profile List
  44. Can No Longer Copy Entire Folders to FTP Site
  45. SFTP component not connected
  46. Username and password not being updated
  47. Is it possible to rename a ftp profile?
  48. SCP support
  49. Minor bug in FTP GUI
  50. FTP issues with IBM z/OS mainframes
  51. FTPS Issue?
  52. FTPS with Serv-U FTP software
  53. ftp stopped working
  54. SFTP with freesshd
  55. 3.0.4 HOST command support
  56. Constant disconnects
  57. BC2 and BC3 hanging on CLNT command from remote server
  58. 2 hour discrepancy after sftp copy
  59. Unable to move oilt1.zip: Full Path Required
  60. Major Bug: Mixed Files
  61. FTP bug
  62. SFTP Folder Compare / Upload on SunOS Dreadfully slow
  63. Just installed BC3, unable to login to Intranet site via FTP
  64. BC3 Becomes Unresponsive When SFTP Not Available
  65. Cosmetic bug
  66. FTP with proxy problem
  67. Cannot upload to FTP-Site
  68. Non-standard ports ignored for FTPS
  69. How to download from a ftp site only once?
  70. Same files showing as different?
  71. Switching Link resolution still requires restart
  72. How to specify that only certain data sets are seen
  73. FTP file view
  74. FTP Sync Hanging
  75. Commands in FolderSync
  76. How to do a one time binary copy?
  77. FTP "already logged in"
  78. Updating an MVS PDS
  79. FTP Script on bc3
  80. Select which (local) IP address to use for FTP
  81. Problem Connecting to FTP server
  82. Problems with Simultaneous Connections
  83. Any Recommendations on SFTP Server
  84. Can't connect
  85. How to change file's attributes after sync?
  86. Possible to connect with SFTP with BC3 Standard?
  87. SFTP folder diff initially reports some identical files as different
  88. FTPS timestamp differences after moving to 3.1.0
  89. FTP on WinCE 5.0
  90. Connection Forcibly closed (from one location)
  91. Touch error
  92. MDTM
  93. Very slow SFTP download from HP Server
  94. MD5 Support for FTP?
  95. FTP Profiles
  96. B.C. 3.1.4 build 10554 works with ftp sites, thank You!
  97. AS400, iSeries, System i FTP
  98. Unable to delete folders with hidden/system files
  99. B.C. 3.1.4 and a hardware error
  100. FTP retrieve directory command
  101. Avoid ASCII-Transfer when using Hex-Compare
  102. suggestions for improvements to SSH based functionality
  103. Controlling multiple clients in BC v3
  104. Set local file timestamp to remote value
  105. FTP Timestamps
  106. FTP SSL certificate caching?
  107. Bug with files larger than 32768 bytes over FTPS
  108. FTP Help
  109. Only 32k Copying of a file
  110. FTP Structure?
  111. Mode Z in a script?
  112. "maximum number of clients reached" with
  113. Automatic UNIX => NTFS/FAT Filename Conversion
  114. Slow FTP
  115. FTP Username and Password within scripts
  116. optimization request for comparing large trees via FTP
  117. Wish list item - 'copy filename without login'
  118. FTPS hangs after PASV
  119. Connect with sudo su - <xxuserxx>
  120. FTP Connect to z/OS works but no files listed
  121. Time stamps preserved but displayed incorrectly
  122. Problem with international characters
  123. EPRT and EPSV support?
  124. FTP cached (or something)?
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  126. FTP ParserID incorrectly identified?
  127. Folder Sync from FTP
  128. FTP compare help
  129. Weird Timestamp issue
  130. detailed FTP command/parameters ?
  131. Can't get FTP sync to work
  132. Another timestamp issue
  133. FTP bug with readonly files
  134. "Error parsing folder listing"
  135. FTP behaviour in new beta
  136. Name Profiles
  137. FTP opening session and going one folder above the desired folder
  138. beta: SFTP folder compare doesn't reliably handle file sizes
  139. htaccess
  140. FTP-Profiles: unwanted cleared fields after protocol change
  141. Compare filename case not working, IIS6, BC 3.2.1
  142. iPad Photo-Sort FTP Time Stamp Issues
  143. FTP buffer size
  144. Unicode character can be mapped to
  145. wildcard in an ftp session
  146. Keeps trying MDTM when not supported
  147. Why not group ftp sites?
  148. FTPS - SSL connecting on wildcard cert
  149. SFTP to IIS on Windows 2008 from Win 7: timezone 2 hours difference
  150. Change crlf option
  151. Time stamp differs in whole numbers of hours
  152. B.C.3 does not show links in ftp.videolan.org
  153. Trouble with FTPES from a Windows Server
  154. SFTP Trouble in scheduled compare
  155. Will there be a SCP option in the near future?
  156. Using public/private key authentication with SFTP
  157. FTP Issues On Tandem/Nonstop Guardian OS
  158. Error parsing folder listing for some utf8 word
  159. BC can't get ftp content ?
  160. LIST command successful but does not display in comparison window
  161. Sync Timestamp (second resolution) when pulling from FTP
  162. large disk space usage and temp folder
  163. File corruption merging files from windows share to SFTP endpoint
  164. Webhost blocking my Ip due to too many connections
  165. administer FTP logins
  166. Beyond compare sends wrong mdtm timestamp
  167. Resume Transfer
  168. Beyond Compare Key Login Issues with Amazon Web Services
  169. SSH private key file - settings used for all profiles
  170. Using Directory Opus with Beyond Compare 3 to compare FTP folder with local folder
  171. SFTP transfer temporary file
  172. errors & problems
  173. BC3: option to log current file being tested when comparing S/FTP tree
  174. Touch Remote Files on Pure-FTPd
  175. Viewing a file using the associated application action is not working via ftp
  176. Password for sftp/ftp transfer without using a BC3 profile
  177. Download speed
  178. Unable to load [some Linux directory]: Error parsing folder listing
  179. FTP Compare & Folder Exclude
  180. sftp as base folder
  181. FTP Library Options and Filezilla
  182. Optimized configuration for compare folder on low bandwith
  183. ftp error: you are already logged in
  184. Error 103
  185. FTP listing and session issues
  186. SFTP Folder compare does not show compare results
  187. FTPS thru HTTP Proxy error
  188. UNIX line endings are read as PC on the remote
  189. Temporary files eating up diskspace
  190. FTP-fast Download-very slow Upload
  191. change userid via sudo
  192. Zero File Lengths
  193. Supported Cipher Suites
  194. SFTP connection error with public/private keys (between EC2 and mac)
  195. Can't connect SFTP in BC 3
  196. SFTP with Private Key - Access to /var/www directories
  197. Understanding FTP profiles and speed limits.
  198. SFTP support via a jump host
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  200. Unable to load base folder when using automation with BMC Control-M software
  201. SFTP-downloading Guardian ASCII text file truncation issue
  202. Out of Memory on Local Folder vs FTP with hundreds of files
  203. SFTP not working when connecting to hosting company
  204. Prevent loading all VMS versions via FTP (feature request)
  205. bc4 PASS failed
  206. SFTP works well in However, cannot see option to list a particular folder