Beyond Compare - Windows diff utility

Windows diff utility

Beyond Compare is a Windows diff utility that allows you to compare files in order to identify the differences.  It displays two selected folders side by side, and enables you to view the folder information in a number of different ways by using filters.  You can choose to view all files, matching files, mismatched files and more, and the differences are color-coded to make them easier to spot.

This Windows diff utility also allows you to synchronize, copy and move files between folders, and you can even apply time-zone settings to one folder or another.  Other features of this Windows diff utility include fast comparison of binary files, print support, Clipboard support, and optional automatic backup.

Some of the things this Windows diff utility can be used for:

  • comparing text files with the built-in side-by-side viewer
  • compare folders, zip archives, ftp sites
  • keep folders in sync
  • merge code changes
  • compare program output
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We've had a lot of positive feedback regarding our Windows diff utility.  Here's what two of our satisfied customers have said:

"Your Beyond Compare software continues to impress me.  I'm going through the tedious process of comparing outputs from two similar computer models in order to assess the differences between them, and your software has been indispensable to this effort."
- K. Parker

"Two words:  FREEKIN' AWESOME!!!!  As a programmer myself (specializing in Visual FoxPro) I can see the time and effort you guys are putting into this.  Thanks again for a great product and keep up the good work!"
- C. Lemmer

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