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Old 28-Feb-2012, 06:20 PM
JohnWSaundersIII JohnWSaundersIII is offline
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Question Documentation on Using Version Control?

I must be missing something obvious. I simply cannot get TFS version control to work.

I get the Tools->Source Control Integration dialog working, and have added a mapping. In the process, I have connected to my TFS server. Note - the "Configure..." button does nothing.

Great. But what do I do next? I can specify my local folder that maps to the workspace on one side, but I can't specify a TFS path that maps to the same folder on the other side. "$/Project" just returns an error, and I don't see a way to browse to source control folders either.

What did I miss, or better, where did I miss the documentation, showing the source control scenario for any source control provider?
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Old 29-Feb-2012, 10:39 AM
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You have added a folder that maps to a specific Project, correct? Source Control Integration then allows you to use Check In, Out, and a few other commands when browsing that local location. We do not currently support navigating or loading the remote Source Control path as a directory.
Aaron P Scooter Software
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