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    Default Can BC2.ini be created another location beside BC2 program files directory

    According to Knowledgebase article "Settings Location and Transfering Settings", show us to put BC2.ini @ "C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare2" and copy Rules.bcru and Session.bcse to this folder.

    We would like to put these files at a different location, is it posible?


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    This depends on your ultimate goal. BC2 (and BC3)'s single directory mode is designed to have all of the settings and files in a single directory with the main program executable. It isn't designed to allow the user to pick any directory to store their settings. You could move the entire BC2 folder to a new location, similar to as if it were a USB drive (or any folder on your harddrive that has read and write access, like C:\Beyond Compare 2\):

    If you wish to keep BC2 in the Program Files directory, but have your ini elsewhere, this is only possible by changing/hacking the registry. By default, we only support either the default (using the Windows defined settings directory %AppData%), or a single directory mode. If you are very comfortable with registry changes, you can alter the settings location with:
    "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Scooter Software\SettingsPath" (note: no trailing "\Beyond Compare")
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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