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31-Mar-2004, 08:50 AM
Hi everybody

Im a real beginner and until a few days I had never something to do with scripts or similar..

My Problem:

I have a script looking like this:

log normal "f:\progr\batch\bc\log_rti.txt"

# <-- Info Bereich Einkauf / Französisch -->

# Basis Verzeichnisse laden
load "F:\daten\Info Bereich Einkauf\Französisch\" "\\rti\sys\daten\allgem_doc\Info Bereich Einkauf\französisch\"

expand all

select lt.newer.files lt.diff.files lt.orphan
copy lt->rt

If I run this script it dont creates folders on the rt side if they are not there. So please can everybody help me to solve my problem, whats wrong with this script??


31-Mar-2004, 12:58 PM
Are you using the latest version of BC (version 2.1.2 build 216)? Some of the older versions had problems copying empty folders.

Try changing your select line to:
select lt.newer lt.diff lt.orphan

Also change your log line to:
log verbose "f:\progr\batch\bc\log_rti.txt"
for more information.

If that still doesn't work please email the script you're running, the log file from a run, and a .zip file of your software settings (using Help->Support and the Export button) to support@scootersoftware.com so we can try to determine your problem.