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Here are some of the significant new features in Beyond Compare 4.  Items flagged with are only available in the Pro edition.

Mac version

Beyond Compare now runs natively on Mac.

BC for Mac has all the power and functionality you've come to expect from Beyond Compare, now with native look and feel, speed, and enhancements to make it feel at home.

Overhauled Home view

The new Home View adds session search and web resources.  The layout is easier to manage with on-screen controls.

3-way Folder Merge

Three-way merging now extends to folders.  Compare independent changes against a common ancestor to quickly merge your changes with someone else's.  It makes merging your customizations into a new release a snap.

Ad hoc unimportant text

It is now easier to define unimportant text in your Text Compares.  Define unimportant terms directly from the Session Settings dialog, rather than having to edit your file formats.

Amazon S3, Dropbox, OneDrive, Subversion and WebDAV support

In addition to FTP, you can access Amazon S3 cloud storage, Dropbox cloud storage, OneDrive cloud storage, Subversion repositories, and WebDAV resources directly from within Beyond Compare.  Organize your remote service profiles with friendly names and folder hierarchies.

Overhauled Picture Compare

Picture Compare has a new look, with automatic zoom, pixel-level details, and simplified controls.  Tolerance comparison mode uses grayscale to reveal the image along with the differences.

Overhauled Options dialog with search

The reorganized Options dialog includes a search feature for finding specific settings quickly.  Commands for all comparison types can be customized without first having to open a view.

Other significant features

Data Compare is now called Table Compare.

Hex Compare wraps lines to fit the window, and adds in-line editing.

New View Patch command shows diff/patch files as a text comparison.

Added new text comparison algorithm choice based on Bram Cohen's Patience Diff.

HTML folder comparison reports can now embed links to file comparisons.

Improved appearance on high DPI (retina) displays.

Version Compare now compares the fixed PE header in addition to the version resource.

Zipx archives can be compared, complete with PPMd, LZMA, WavPack, and WinZip's JPEG compression.

Added support for portable media devices (aka "MTP") including Android 4.0+ phones and cameras.