Picture Compare Overview

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A Picture Compare session compares a pair of image files visually, showing the differences between them.

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Supported image file types

By default, the file types associated with Picture Compare are:

 GIF (*.gif)

 Icons (*.ico)

 JPEG (*.jpg)

 Portable Network Graphics (*.png)

 TIFF (*.tif)

 Windows bitmap (*.bmp)


Depending on which version of the operating system and third-party codecs have been installed, Picture Compare could also handle:

 Adobe PDF (*.pdf)

 Alias/Wavefront (*.rla;*.rpf)

 Apple Icons (*.icns)

 Autodesk (*.cel;*.pic)

 Camera RAW images (*.3fr;*.arw;*.cr2;*.crw;*.dcr;*.dng;*.erf;*.fff;*.fpix;*.fpx;*.mos;*.mpo;*.mrw;*.nef;*.nrf;*.orf;*.pef;*.raf;*.raw;*.rw2;*.rwl;*.sr2;*.srf;*.srw)

 Dr. Halo (*.cut)

 Encapsulated Postscript (*.eps)

 FAX images (*.efx;*.fax;*.g3;*.jfax;*.jfx)

 JPEG (*.jpeg;*.jpe;*.jfif;*.exif)

 JPEG 2000 (*.jp2;*.jpf)

 JPEG XR/HD Photo (*.jxr;*.wdp)

 Kodak Photo-CD (*.pcd)

 Macintosh PICT (*.pct;*.pic;*.pict)

 MacPaint (*.mac;*.pnt;*.pntg)

 Misc (*.cur;*.epi;*.exr;*.hdr;*.jps)

 Netpbm (*.pbm;*.pgm;*.ppm)

 Photoshop (*.psd;*.pdd)

 Postscript (*.ps)

 QuickTime image (*.qti;*.qtif)

 SGI (*.bw;*.rgb;*.rgba;*.sgi)

 TIFF (*.tiff)

 Truvision (*.tga;*.icb;*.vda;*.vst;*.win)

 Windows bitmap (*.dib;*.msk;*.rle)

 Windows metafile (*.emf;*.wmf)

 X PixMap (*.xpm)

 ZSoft Paintbrush (*.pcc;*.pcx;*.scr)


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