Searching for Text

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To search for text in a Text Compare session, pick Search > Find .  Type the text or a regular expression pattern in the edit, or pick a previous search from the dropdown list.  Click on the Insert Regular Expression Element button to pick from a list of common regular expression terms.  Pick one from the list to insert it in the edit.

Click the Next button to move the cursor to the next match.  If the editor is in line mode, you can click the Select All button to select all the lines that contain a match.

The Find panel options are:



Regular expression

Interpret search text as a Perl compatible regular expression.

Match character case

Only match text with the same character case (uppercase or lowercase).

Whole words only

Searching for apple will not match on apples, applesauce or snapple.

Wrap search

When one end of the file is reached, continue searching at the other end.


Select which side(s) of the comparison to search.

Close automatically

Panel will hide after search is started.


Pick Find Next or Find Previous to continue searching for the same text.

To find and replace text, pick Replace .