Scheduling a Script

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You can use Beyond Compare's script processor to perform certain tasks, such as synchronizing folders, without interaction.  For example, to automate a backup of "C:\My Folder", enter the following script commands into Notepad:

load "C:\My Folder" "C:\My Backups"

expand all

select left.newer.files left.orphan.files

copy left->right


Save this text file as "C:\My Scripts\Sync.txt".

To run a Beyond Compare script at any desired time:

1.In Windows Task Scheduler, pick Action > Create Basic Task to get a wizard.

2.In Action, pick Start a program.

3.In Program/script, pick the Beyond Compare 4 executable.

4.In Add arguments, add a reference to your script file:

5.In Start in, pick the script folder:
C:\My Scripts

We recommend including a log command in your script.  If you have trouble with your script, check out the Scheduled Tasks error log: "SchedLgU.txt" in your Windows folder.