FTP Profile Connection Settings

FTP Profile > Connection

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These settings control how the connection is made to the remote server.

Simultaneous connections

Specify the maximum number of concurrent connections (from 1 to 10) that Beyond Compare can create to this server.

Read timeout (seconds)

Specify the timeout for downloading files.  The operation will fail if no bytes are received within this time.

Passive transfers (PASV)

Some firewall configurations require this setting, which modifies the methods used to transfer data back and forth between your computer and the FTP server.  Not all FTP servers support PASV mode.  If the connection hangs, try turning this on.

Limit ports used for active transfers (PORT)

Specify a range of ports that the FTP server will connect to when uploading/downloading files using active transfers (The Passive transfers checkbox is unmarked).  Use this if you need to configure your firewall to allow incoming connections.

Use HOST before login

Controls whether the HOST command should be sent before sending the username and password to log in.  This is required to connect to some virtual FTP hosts.  Disable it if the connection is being dropped before the username is sent.

Clear control channel (SSL only)

After sending encrypted login details, control channel communication is unencrypted.  Try turning this on if the initial SSL connection succeeds but file transfers or directory listings hang.

Clear data channel (SSL only)

Send file content and directory listings unencrypted.  This can provide a speedup when transferring lots of files after sending encrypted login details.

Note If you need help with the settings on this page, consult your system administrator.