Text Editing Options

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These options apply to Text Compare and Text Merge sessions.

Auto indent

When marked and a new line is created, it is automatically indented to match the leading whitespace on the previous line.

Backspace unindents

When marked and the edit cursor is positioned immediately after the leading whitespace of the line, pressing the Backspace key deletes enough whitespace to match the previous indentation level, as defined by preceding lines.

Allow positioning beyond end of line

When marked, the edit cursor is not constrained by the end of text on a line.

Initialize "Text to find" to be current word

When marked and there is no selection, the current word is filled in as the search text for the Find command.

Show filtered line counts

When marked, a summary of lines hidden by display filters is shown:

Number of context lines

Defines the number of matching lines to display before and after a difference section when Show Context is used.