How to Unlock Beyond Compare

Help > Enter Key

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Beyond Compare is distributed in evaluation mode, allowing you to see if it suits your needs.  Unless you purchase a license, the program will stop running after 30 days of use.

When you purchase a license to Beyond Compare, we send you an unlock key by email.  It looks something like this:





  --- END LICENSE KEY -----


1.From your email program, select the key and copy it to the clipboard.  It's ok if you include some of the message before and after the key, but be sure to include the entire key.

2.Then, run Beyond Compare and pick the Enter Key option.  (Click the Enter Key button on any of the "Evaluation" dialogs, or pick Help > Enter Key.)

3.In the "Register Beyond Compare" dialog, your key should automatically appear in the text box.  If not, try copying and pasting again.

Unless you are running a portable install of Beyond Compare, you can mark the Register for all users checkbox to store the license key in the program folder, so that all users on this computer will be registered.