Importing Settings

Tools > Import Settings

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You can import settings that were previously exported from Beyond Compare, even an older version like Beyond Compare 2.

To import settings

1.Pick Tools > Import Settings.

2.Pick the file containing the settings to import.  It can be a Beyond Compare settings package (.bcpkg) or XML file.  It can also be a Beyond Compare 2 export file (zip or XML file).

3.If the file contains different kinds of settings, mark the checkboxes for the types of settings you wish to import:

Program Options include most of your preferences set in the Options dialog.

Colors, Fonts include all of your preferences set on its page of the Options dialog.

Toolbars, Shortcuts, Menus include your preferences set on its page of the Options dialog.

Program State includes things like window positions and MRU lists.

Sessions include some or all of your named sessions.

File Formats include some or all of your customized file formats.

Profiles include some or all of your named profiles, containing settings for FTP, etc.

4.If you are importing sessions, file formats, or profiles, click Next to pick the specific named items to be included.

Warning  An item is colored red if its name is the same as one in your stored settings.  If you import a red item, it will replace your existing session, file format, or profile!

Mark the Delete all existing sessions checkbox to erase all of your stored sessions before importing those in the file.  Likewise, mark the Delete all existing file formats or Delete all existing profiles checkboxes if you wish.

5.Click Finish to import the settings.