How to Sync in the Folder Sync View

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Setting sync parameters

In the upper part of the view, specify the Left folder and Right folder involved.  Either or both base folders may be on remote services.  (You can use the Browse buttons to specify a remote service.)

Pick one of these standard sync methods from the dropdown list in the middle of the view:

Update Left

Copies newer and orphan files from right to left.

Update Right

Copies newer and orphan files from left to right.

Update Both

Copies newer and orphan files to the other side.

Mirror to Left

Replaces all different items on left, deletes any orphans on left, and copies any right side orphans to the left.

Mirror to Right

Replaces all different items on right, deletes any orphans on right, and copies any left side orphans to the right.

Click the Rules button to define what constitutes a difference.

You can also specify Filters to limit the scope of the sync.

Previewing the sync

Click the Accept button if necessary to accept changes, and a preview of all copy and delete operations will appear in the lower part of the view.

You can double-click any file pair to examine the differences in detail.  To skip selected operations, pick Actions > Exclude.

Starting the sync

Click the Sync Now button to begin processing.