Beyond Compare v3 Videos

video Basics  23:25  10-Sept-2010
By Bob Jones, user

video Registry Compare  2:35  10-Sept-2010
By Jess, Scooter Software staff

video How To Define Unimportant Text  2:27  10-Sept-2010
By Bob Jones, user

These older videos introduced Version 3 to Version 2 users:

video U/I Design:  Home page and tabbed interface  2:19  8-Jul-2008
A brief overview of the new tabbed interface and session handling.

video New editing features in Text Compare  2:12  19-Jul-2008
In-line editing, dynamic recompares, and undo after save.

video How filters affect folder commands  3:49  24-Mar-2008
Important changes from BC2 behavior.

video Where various options are set  3:32  24-Mar-2008
How to find where options and defaults can be set.

video Text replacements  3:21  25-Mar-2008
How to ignore global text replacements.

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