BC 4.3 Known Issues

Thank you for helping test our new release!

We are aware of these issues, so no need to report them.

  • Conversion Error shown as Equal for Rules-based scan
  • Menu.HandleAllocated crash when closing file viewers
  • Update from beta crash until manual update and system restart
  • Archive Association edit text crash
  • Crash when closing multiple viewers with Cmd+W
  • Editing issues in Session Settings > Name Filters
  • File Formats checkbox move draw issue
  • Folder Compare: Other filters > Newer/Older than oddities
  • Slow Text scroll performance non-roman characters
  • Browse for file dialog doesn't support ExecutableFilter
  • Closing maximized window on secondary monitor reopens on primary monitor
  • Dragging to rearrange viewer tabs is slow and flickers the mouse cursor
  • Export Settings "Save As" dialog doesn't include a .bcpkg extension
  • Keyboard focus isn't correct when dialogs are first opened
  • Labels get progressively darker after a combobox popup
  • Mouseover Text Compare vertical scrollbar flickers BC window on 10.13 VM
  • Size/position: Compare Info dialog's tree view is too tall, hiding the Close button
  • Appearance: Toolbar icon/text coloring when losing focus is wrong
  • Controls with akBottom/akRight anchors aren't positioned/sized correctly
  • Crash closing one of multiple windows - NSWindow(NSEventRouting) trackEventsMatchingMask:timeout:mode:handler:
  • Crash handler .mad files aren't generated correctly
  • Crash handler should save a screenshot of the application windows
  • Crash when using "Quit Application" while dictionary popup is open
  • DlgDirLegend is wrong size
  • DlgDirScript scaling issues
  • Full Screen mode needs polish
  • Hang when comparing binary Delphi DFM files
  • Home View dragging New Session buttons between pages doesn't work well
  • Keyboard shortcuts for extended keys and non-US keyboards are incorrect
  • Path auto-complete issues
  • Path edits with long paths show garbage when focused in an inactive window
  • Performance: Slow scrolling in all viewers and slow editing in text compare
  • Picture Compare "Open Clipboard" does not work
  • Picture Compare missing scroll bars
  • Picture compare thumbnail crosshatching for partially transparent pixels is incorrect
  • Scaling: Options dialog's "Toolbars" page doesn't invalidate when switching monitors
  • Scrollbar scroll range is incorrect when a window is on an inactive monitor with a different DPI than the active one
  • Text Compare crash comparing plist files LCLMESSAGEGLUE_$$_DELIVERMESSAGE$TOBJECT$formal$$INT64
  • Text compare crashes when run from Instruments
  • Text compare gutter doesn't invalidate when using "Next Difference Files"
  • Text compare horizontal scrollbar isn't visible when first opened
  • Text compare Japanese text can shift around when making selections
  • UiBitBtn has wrong click area, focus rect, and doesn't draw as pressed
  • UiDlgIcon is the wrong size on scaled displays
  • [Catalina] Drag and drop of file from Finder loads in the path edit with focus instead of drag target

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